SOD OFF – Stories Of District & Of Family & Friends

Creative archiving of lives in London through social arts practice

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Sod Off offers 6 creative weekends over 6 months from February 2014 to engage, inspire and ignite peoples living in London to tell their stories of place, race and heritage; sod also refers to the earth we came from. Creative Weekends will bring participants through a journey of storytelling via creative writing, poetry, music, performance, dance, sculpture, photography and video, resulting in a festival including an end show, open space and exhibition. SOD Offs’ aim is to produce an archive of personal stories from across London through creative arts practice, inspiring a cross-fertilization of ideas and creative practices.
The collaborative weekends will consist of 2 full days offering exercises, processes and experiments into storytelling through arts practice. Led by one workshop leader and 3 artists and guest (guest persons?), the two days will bring participants through a series of artistic activity developing their stories. The project aims to engage members of the community from all walks of life, in order to offer a series of free artistic workshops, creating access to artistic learning and expression.
 Each creative weekend will have a team of artists working together in order to structure the workshop according to theme, whilst using participants’ stories as the main content. Their planning and structuring of each workshop will be a continuation of the previous workshops outcome and look to developing each individual’s story through processes, exercises and experimentation in their field.
 As part of Sod Offs program to offer public artistic activity it aims to work with both emerging and established artists looking to develop their practice by developing workshops for public. The project is geared towards broadening artistic endeavour by offering artists involved in running workshops the opportunity to attend the all other workshops. This is to improve and advance skills exchange.
 Not only offering each weekend workshop in a variety of artistic practices, Sod Offs’ main goal is to act as a arena for the development of artistic activity within communities across London by sharing personal stories, becoming a vehicle for creative social change, whilst contemporaneously archiving life in London.
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Oxford, San Francisco, LA, Tijuana, Mexico City

Illuminate San FRan

Illuminate SOMArts, Crossing Boarders San Francisco, Tijuana, LA and Mexico City

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Illuminate explores the question ‘what are our riches?’ –  what we consider to be our riches and the communities, families and strangers we share these with. Through one to one participatory occurance, illuminate seeks to offer a space and arena where audiences can withdraw to reflect and contemplate and to feel honoured. Using copper crowns inscribed with participants words, an exchange is called upon through the chanting of questions, the touch of a hand and a moment of meeting.

Recent documentation for the IAM M.A Social Sculpture Exhibition
Richard Hamilton Building,

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Would you be willing to share these meaningful things with a stranger?

These conductive-copper, thinking crowns have been inscribed by artists, teachers, lawyers, parents, brothers, sisters and being alike – with words that are alive, words that are in movement, who’s exchange is for free and for freedom.

Your head is worthy of a crown
Come let us share our riches together.

“Illuminate engaged nearly all my senses: the smell of the straw on entering the social sculpture exhibition space signalled the earthy warmth waiting to be experienced: the touch of the copper band and Nicole’s hands: the sound of Nicole’s rich chanting voice: the aesthetically pleasing display of copper crowns on wooden coat-hangers> the latter was complemented by the straw: the perfect setting for an almost bovine skeleton of copper crowns.

 The experience itself invited the participant to consider the riches they had to offer. Not only was the process extremely moving, it too possessed “richness”. Nicole’s ability to create a sacred atmosphere during the experience to complement the sculpture’s ‘set’ was am essential part of illuminate. If offered the participant quiet, intimate, reflective time in a primitive, stripped-back environment. I was invited to add my own words to a copper crown, which i did.

 I enjoyed and benefitted from the illuminate experience, I did it twice. Each time I valued the opportunity to step out of the busyness of life in order to enjoy some reflection. I thought this piece was excellently devised.”

ELEANOR LOWE– Senior Lecturer of Drama – Oxford Brookes University

“For me the performance started before even entering the room, with Nicole gently leading me through the corridors. It was like a kind of invitation, a welcome gesture. As Nicole held my hands and sang I felt valued and I was reminded of the values that really matter in life. In among all the rush of the busy afternoon, I had the privilege to stop and reflect about the generosity that makes worthwhile and my role in this picture. “

KESIA RODRIGUEZ – Concert Pianist

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